Roman Lé is a travel photographer of German origins who fell in love with Mexico on vacation and decided to make it his home for the past 17 years. A professional CEO by trade, Roman’s developing photography skills have embodied his risk-taking nature.

It has been with bravery, creativity and vision that he has grown a portfolio of stunning wildlife and landscape photography, with exploration into portraiture too. He’s a passionate and innovative entrepreneur, with a practiced awareness for forces larger than himself, which he incorporates into his artistic practice through integrity, gratitude and consciousness.

He’s worked as a visual effects assistant on Mel Gibson’s blockbuster, Apocalypto, and continues to pursue his talent in the visual arts with dedication and extremely rapid progress.


I am on a mission to make lasting friendships throughout the world and create moments of happiness, excitement and joy through the medium of photography. My goal is to share these unique, spontaneous moments of creativity and stunning beauty. My quest involves creating lasting memories through the fusion of magnificent landscapes and portrait photography of models in their natural local environment. I desire to make a positive contribution to the lives of others through quality photography services, while providing value in the form of inspiration and beauty to the lives of others.

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