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My concept of natural portraits was born due to my passion: Travel photography and the wonders you can find in every corner. Finding beauty in landscapes as you do in people is not really difficult, it just requires awareness and a high degree of presence at the time, something I’ve liked to practice for a long time now, but that I improved a lot as a photography student at Matador U.

My other passion is getting to know interesting people and establishing deep-level relationships. Each one of us is very different, and truth is, beauty begins in the inside and goes to the outside, and the objective of portraits is to project the character and the personality through an image. I.e., tell a person’s story through a photograph. This is only possible if we get to really know the person. What excites him, how does he express himself, what is his purpose, how does he move and where does he go.

The fusion of these passions creates a series of 4 or 5 highly customized pictures surrounded by natural beauty and professional editing. A picture is worth a thousand words, and that is my mission and reason for living. I want to give back some of the beauty I perceive everyday with gratitude, conscience and love for details.

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abandoned &  beautiful 

Abondoned Hotel shooting Xpu-Ha

Sexy grey and blue sky session

Before dawn in Isla Blanca

enjoy the sun baby

playcar beach session…

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